Friday, April 13, 2012

What LE BOT Can Do

-Auto use CP/XP/Rep/Gold boost;
-Auto use Rep boost option;
-Arcangrove Rep;
-Doomwood rep;
-Dwarfhold Rep;
-Escherion's helm bot[member only]
-Etherstorm Rep Bot;
-Horc rep;
-Legion Bot(No need for Soul Collector anymore!);
-Legion Insanely insane;
-Lycan Rep;
-Mana Golem Bot(Auto-pickup added!)
-Mythsong rep;
-Press F1 to load bank!
-Press F2 for misc options!;
-Rainbow Shards Bot;
-Sandsea rep;
-Swag Tokens[member only];
-Skyguard Rep;[member only]
-Yokai Rep;
-Troll rep;
-Undead Pirates XP + CP;
-Vampire Rep;

More Coming Soon

Class : Necro, Warrior, Ninja, Ev Shaman, VoT, Dragonlord, DarkSide, Paladin, Troll SpellSmith, Shaman.

You Can Download The File Here

1st Link :

Here Is The Link : 2nd Link :

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